3 Terrific Types of Communion Dresses


3 Terrific Types of Communion Dresses

It's terrific that communion dresses come in three distinct types. The wide variety can accommodate any Eucharist celebration and every young lady. Different parishes have varying guidelines, some cultures have specific celebrations, and young girls can prefer a particular style. It's also very easy to remember the three main types of communion dresses. Think of 3t's - today's (classic), trendy (modern), tradition (traditional).


The classic communion dress is today's most popular style. This type is preferred by many because of its clean, simple lines. This dress puts the emphasis on the child and the celebration rather than on the gown.

A classic communion dress is usually tea length (mid-calf) and has a sleeve. Some classic collections, however, do include dresses with a full, gathered skirt. This design resembles the ball gown style but is generally a more streamlined design.


The traditional communion dress is perfect for a grand entrance. This style is more lavish than the classic design and can have divine details - beading, pearls, and sequins. This style is perfect for the "little bride" look required by certain cultures. A "little bride" dress is a formal dress (often satin) usually with a full veil. The traditional design also fits the "Olde Worlde" style (old world), passed down through the generations, particularly in European tradition.

Many Irish Communion Dresses, as well as Italian Communion Dresses, and an "Our Lady of Guadalupe" dress, are traditional communion dresses. Of course, communion dresses are found in white since, according to tradition, white symbolizes purity. Veiled headpieces and white gloves are common accessories for the traditional dress.

You can find a traditional white Communion dress in gathered taffeta or in peau satin. You can also discover traditional styles with a satin bodice and a 3-layer skirt or an organza skirt with ribbon lace.


If a dress style isn't classic or traditional, then it falls into the modern category. The modern communion dress is often the favorite of young girls. This style allows them to wear trendy and fashionable design. The A-line dress is common in this category. There are many pretty A-line styles on the market.

A-line fashion always has a slimming effect. Communion dress retailers are always willing to reach out to meet the needs of any customer. Some companies even offer sizes, which are eight inches in excess of regular sizes, such as 6x or 8x.

The modern dress has a simple style but also uses special touches. Embroidery and delicate beading are used as embellishments in this style. An embroidered satin A-line dress with bolero is simply beautiful fashion. You can choose from a satin A-line with beaded accents or a satin A-line with pearled pop-up flowers.

All sleeveless dresses are considered modern. Many communion dresses have chic sleeveless bodices. You can select a sleeveless shantung with a sash. Various sleeveless styles come with a shawl, jacket, or bolero. It is even possible to find halter styles and dresses with spaghetti straps. Always keep in mind, however, that sleeveless dresses are not allowed in every parish.

Checklist For Parish Requirements

It is always best to check with a representative about the requirements for individual parishes. Parents and guardians need to inquire about the rules in different areas.

Dress Length

Is  formal length a requirement? Is tea length the usual length? Are "short" styles acceptable for the ceremony?


Is a veil required in this parish? Is the headpiece (veil, flowers, or other) a must?


Is there an usual sleeve length? Can a sleeveless dress be worn for the ceremony?


Are gloves an acceptable accessory? Which accessories are allowed - jackets, capes, sweaters?

Regardless of your dress type, the accessories must suit the style of the dress. Always strive to purchase any communion dress well in advance of the date. Early buying helps to avoid stress at the last moment. The extra time will allow you to choose the best accessories without feeling overwhelmed or being in a rush. Indeed, many parents opt for hiring a photographer before the event.

This increases the chances of that "perfect" picture - no chance of stains spoiling the photograph. Parents can also have a custom painted portrait done of the special child. Modern portrait artists often paint from a high quality photograph. Thus, avoiding those long and tedious settings! Whether classic, traditional, or modern, never forget to preserve your perfect dress in the proper manner.

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