How to Dress Your Flower Girl in the Winter

Posted by Grace on 4th Jan 2021

A romantic winter wedding will surely have plenty of sparkle, but if your daughter will be attending as a flower girl, both warmth and comfort will have to be parts of the equation. Thankfully, there are many ways to add cozy to flower girl dresses that will keep her warm and ensure she looks absolutely adorable on the big day. Fabric and Hemlines Chilly tempera …

Preserving Your Baby Clothes for a Future Child

Posted by Jill on 12th Mar 2020

Your daughter looked absolutely adorable in the designer holiday dress you bought her from Pink Princess, but she’s bound to outgrow it. If you’re planning for a future sibling, knowing how to preserve those baby clothes will help you get lots of extra mileage out of them. Washing You’ll want to ensure everything is properly cleaned before you store it, but keep in mind …

Don’t Forget About the Dress Underneath Her Graduation Gown!

Posted by Jill on 9th Mar 2020

That fact that your little girl will soon be graduating from preschool or kindergarten means it’s time to celebrate. This special occasion marks the end of one very important chapter in her life and the beginning of the next. So why not go all out with a designer dress? The Perfect Dress for Her Special Day Once the ceremony is over, her graduation gown will be p …

Graduation Party Ideas for Your Little Girl

Posted by Jill on 4th Mar 2020

Your little girl is about to finish her first few years in school, where she has made new friends, participated in lots of fun activities, and heard many wonderful stories. These years are so precious and can be made even more special with these preschool graduation party ideas. Talk to the Teacher To find your ideal party theme, ask your child’s teacher what the class le …

Christmas Card Outfit Ideas

Posted by Jill on 19th Nov 2019

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to start taking those annual family holiday card photos. If you’re brainstorming ideas for your kids’ looks this year, we’ve got five great outfit ideas that might give you a head start! White Winter Wonderland   If you’re a family of nature lovers, why not recreate the elegant look of sparkling white snow? Create …
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