Preserving Your Baby Clothes for a Future Child

Posted by Jill on 12th Mar 2020

Your daughter looked absolutely adorable in the designer holiday dress you bought her from Pink Princess, but she’s bound to outgrow it. If you’re planning for a future sibling, knowing how to preserve those baby clothes will help you get lots of extra mileage out of them.


You’ll want to ensure everything is properly cleaned before you store it, but keep in mind that a designer dress needs different care when it comes to cleaning. Fabrics like tulle, crinoline, satin, and lace require a much gentler touch when the goal is to preserve their look for the long-term.

Always consult the label for washing instructions and, if there’s staining, be sure you’re using the removal approach that’s best for the type of fabric you’re dealing with.

Many of our beautiful dresses require dry cleaning, which is something we always recommend if this is indicated on the label. Not only will they professionally clean your daughter’s dresses, but a dry cleaner will also take care of any stains you point out.

Sorting and Folding

It can be tempting to put everything together when storing it, but, by sorting dresses according to size, you’ll have a much easier time finding what you need when your future daughter arrives. Should you fold her dresses? That really depends on the type of dress and how long it may spend in storage before it’s used. Most of the dresses we sell are best hung up or laid flat.


There are many storage options available, but not all are best for those special outfits. For example, plastic vacuum-sealed bags can be great for casual clothing because they’re a real space saver. For designer flower girl dresses, however, they can be a wrinkle-causing disaster.

These pieces need to be stored in a way that won’t damage fabric but will allow for some air circulation to prevent the moisture buildup that can ruin them. Having plastic containers with lids will allow you to lay clothing flat for easy stacking and also prevent any unwanted critters from getting inside.

If you have clean cotton sheets you aren’t using, you can line your storage boxes with them before placing Christmas dresses in. You can go a step further and place a piece or two of tissue paper between each dress. Cedar pieces or balls will help to keep everything fresh and dry without chemicals.

If you’re storing a really special outfit like a christening gown and bonnet, an acid-free box is the best way to go. Keep the bonnet’s shape by softly stuffing it with a bit of tissue paper, and this outfit will retain its value for years to come.

With a bit of time and a lot of care, your future daughter will have a treasure trove of beautiful pieces to enjoy. Now that your little girl’s outgrown her outfits, you’ll definitely want to revisit Pink Princess; we’ve got pages of new arrivals for you to browse, including the vision above. See you soon!

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