Christmas Card Outfit Ideas

Posted by Jill on 19th Nov 2019

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to start taking those annual family holiday card photos. If you’re brainstorming ideas for your kids’ looks this year, we’ve got five great outfit ideas that might give you a head start!

White Winter Wonderland
If you’re a family of nature lovers, why not recreate the elegant look of sparkling white snow? Create the look with beautiful white formals and metallic and glitter accents. For girls, choose a dress that’s fluffy, sparkly, and pure white.
For boys, go with a clean all-white suit.

Outerwear and Accessories to Set the Scene

Show off your family’s love of winter by staging an outdoor scene complete with coordinating coats, hats, etc. Make sure it’s scene-appropriate; for a sledding scene, a warm, three-button coat in a festive color is picture perfect.

Classic and Traditional

Opt for a traditional look by combining classic reds and greens, traditional patterns, and crisp, natural fabrics. For girls, think red and green plaid holiday dresses and velvet accents. 
For boys, pair a formal shirt and tie with a red plaid vest and black pants.

Colorful, Merry, and Bright

If you prefer something unique and non-traditional, go all-out with bright colors reminiscent of a string of Christmas lights. Let no rule hold you back; even coordination is irrelevant in this fun-centric concept. Bright dresses, colorful polka-dot bows and bow ties, even tutus—it’s all game!

Comfy and Wearable

Let’s face it: Kids are not paragons of patience. An uncomfortable outfit is likely to make your child a little fidgety during the shoot. For “antsy” little ones, a cute designer top with stretchy leggings can be just as pretty as a dress (and far less of a hassle). Plus, you can incorporate it into everyday wear

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