Choosing the Perfect Baptism Attire for Your Little Boy

Posted by Jill on 3rd Oct 2018

The baptism gown or christening gown is a keepsake marking this special milestone in your little boy’s life. If you are selecting the perfect one from all of the different christening outfits for boys, consider the following: What color gown do you want? While white is the color most people choose because it traditionally …

Halloween Costumes That Will Out-Ghoul the Trick-or-Treat Crowd This Year

Posted by Jill on 27th Sep 2018

Halloween—it comes but once a year, and it always seems to sneak up on us! If your little one can’t decide on whom to trick-or-treat as this year, let this list guide your spooky way. You’re a Wizard! A classic for over twenty years (don’t you feel old?), Harry-Potter-themed Halloween costumes are fun year-round! If you’re looking f …

Back to School: Time to Give Her Wardrobe a Boost!

Posted by Jill on 19th Sep 2018

Shopping for back to school clothing is a highlight of the school year for girls of all ages. Pink Princess stocks a range of designer clothing and girls’ dresses that fit the bill. Here are some unique ideas to help your little one fit in with the crowd or stand out in style. Designer Clothing You can choose cute back to school outfits from brands such as …

Fashionable Attire for School? Find It at Pink Princess!

Posted by Grace on 11th Sep 2018

It is the time of year that parents of children are slowly counting down the days until school starts. For some parents, it may be the first time their little ones are heading off to school. Other parents have back-to-school planning down to a set routine. Whether you are celebrating a milestone for your child or just excited to get them back to school, you will certainly want …

Let Her Personality Shine in the Perfect Little Girls’ Summer Dresses

Posted by Jill on 28th Jun 2018

As your little princess gets older, she will want a say in what types of clothing she wants to wear. Most girls from around the age of three or four want to wear different types of dresses. They can even go through a phase where all they want to wear are elegant formal dresses. As parents, we want our little princesses to have a say in what they wan …
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