Graduation Party Ideas for Your Little Girl

Posted by Jill on 4th Mar 2020

Your little girl is about to finish her first few years in school, where she has made new friends, participated in lots of fun activities, and heard many wonderful stories. These years are so precious and can be made even more special with these preschool graduation party ideas.

Talk to the Teacher

To find your ideal party theme, ask your child’s teacher what the class learned during the year and what activities they enjoyed the most. This will give you all kinds of ideas. For example, if they learned about the alphabet, your theme can include alphabet soup for lunch and building block decorations and games. A class that loved learning about colors will also love color games and plenty of bright balloons. Don’t forget to include your theme in the party invitations, too.

Star Power

You can make stars out of your little girl and her party guests by providing them with their own crown or cape that they get to color themselves.

Provide each guest with a small pack of crayons or markers to take home along with their crowns, and you have winning party favors.

Having a “congratulations” banner can be a great idea and, when you use a roll of construction paper and provide guests with crayons and other cool decoration tools, everyone can participate.

Your little girl will look like the star she is when you check out princess or pageant dresses together and choose one that will make her feel wonderful.

Crafts and Activities

Your child and her class have become crafting experts, so why not give them the tools to craft their own graduation hats? Some glue, tape, yarn, and cardboard are all that are needed to keep the fun flowing. You can also hold a coloring or dancing contest, complete with goodies for all.

Children love to tell stories, so why not ask a guest to tell one? Fun accessories like magic wands and fairy wings will fuel their creativity.

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