Spring 2010 Easter Dresses


Spring 2010 Easter Dresses

Pretty pastels are always popular for girls' Easter dresses. Yet tradition as well as modern trends illustrate that Easter fashion is not just limited to pastel shades. The top 2010 spring colors combine the best of beautiful pastels and bold hues.

7 Sensational Spring Colors

1. Pretty Pink
It may not surprise anyone that a pale petal-pink shade is the favorite of little princesses everywhere. A pretty pink dress of organza and lace is perfect for Easter. Beautiful pink brings back precious memories of watching glorious sunsets or picking wild roses.

Yet the origin of pink as an Easter color was born from a far different religious event - the Crucifixion. Although not as popular in modern spring fashions, bold red is a traditional Easter shade. This intense and dramatic color signifies the Crucifixion and is a symbol of love and sacrifice.

Since pink is an offspring of red (with its red and white undertones), this soft and pretty pastel is synonymous with the Easter season. Whether people celebrate the religious or secular side of Easter, pretty pink takes the top spot among 2010 spring colors. Celebrate this winning shade with a pink embroidered taffeta dress or a pink sparkling tulle. A pink chiffon with an empire waist and sequence trim is pure Easter elegance.

2. Lily White
The Easter lily, with its delicate shape and white softness, is a symbol of purity. As white trumpet lilies bloom in the spring, they herald the beginning of new life in a garden of hope. With spring fashions, wonderful whites spread pure delight in the flowing fabrics as well as the crisp cottons of Easter dresses.
Luxurious white gowns represent the purity of Easter. Simple and classic cotton dresses with Easter embroidery celebrate this season of renewal. With a pure white Easter dress, the possibilities are endless for wearing accents and accessories such as red sashes or pink shawls. A white background sets up the perfect contrast for a pattern with colorful circles or bright flowers.

3. Mint Green
Every little girl deserves to wear a sweet color - mint green. This pretty pastel with its candy-like color is popular with the little ones. Mint green matches the freshness of a spring morning.

Graceful shades of green are made for Easter fashion. From pale green to cool lime to emerald green, a green-based hue is a perfect reminder of the season of renewal. Whether one prefers green grassy meadows or tropical lush vegetation, glorious green is a natural color for spring fashions.
Dress your little gem in soft hues or jewel tones of dramatic green. Yet mint green remains a favorite for spring 2010. Whether embroidered taffeta, crinkled taffeta, or vintage embroidered cotton, mint green is a must-have for this coming Easter.


4. Sunshine Yellow
With its splash of sunshine, yellow is a symbol of spring's warmth, happiness, and joy. Candlelight yellow has religious significance for the celebration of Easter. Candles are lit at church services to celebrate the resurrection as well as the new life through Easter baptisms.

With sunny styles, Easter dresses continue to spread sunshine and joy. Cheerful sunflowers and beautiful butterflies adorn cute and chic spring dresses. While yellow chiffon lends softness, a yellow striped taffeta adds an element of Easter fun. The energy of yellow is a perfect match for excited little princesses on Easter Sunday.

5. Terrific Turquoise
Cool turquoise is a refreshing color which reflects the natural beauty of the endless ocean. Turquoise, a beautiful blue-green, is reminiscent of the tropics and has an unmistakable connection to nature. Tropical patterns are popular prints for classy cotton Easter dresses. With its soothing air, turquoise is expected to get top marks during 2010 in girls' and ladies fashions.

Calming blues have always been a favorite color for Easter. In recent years, pale blue has gained popularity but navy blue has always been associated with Easter. The combination of navy, white, and blue sets sail in ocean-themed prints for cotton spring dresses.
Turquoise is 'the' blue shade for today's Easter dresses. A turquoise dress with three tiers of chiffon is a totally chic Easter treat. Every little girl loves an amazing turquoise A-line with a sparkled bodice or a turquoise matte satin glitter dress. A white and turquoise gathered organza gown with accented rosebuds, is a winning Easter combo.

6. Lovely Lilac
Gorgeous lilac possesses the beauty of a flower and the softness of a fragrance. This lovely color is like Easter wrapped into a single shade. Lilac is a subtle shade which looks lovely in flowing fabrics. All shades of purple - from mauve to violet to royal purple - will be popular during spring 2010.
Nothing will make a little girl feel more regal than a lovely shade of purple. Celebrate Easter in a lilac sleeveless shantung or a cap sleeve embroidered organza. Create a dramatic look with three shades of purple in a lilac/purple layered satin bubble dress.

7. Fantastic Fuchsia
Bright and bold fuchsia is a fabulous shade for Easter fashions. Its brightness and energy reflect the vitality of youth and the vibrant renewal of spring. Since little girls like to feel grown-up, they will love to wear fuchsia and follow this year's fashion trend towards bright colors. For practicality or simply to add a splendid touch of color, choose fuchsia accents to brighten a brilliant white Easter dress.
Fuchsia can dazzle in shining satin or look adorable in a sequenced wrapped A-line. Combine pink and fuchsia in satin bubble layers. Fuchsia adds just the right touch of brightness to an Easter morning. Bright fuchsia is a fantastic color for Easter dresses.

If it seems impossible to choose just one sensational spring color, consider a combination of colors in a lively print or floral pattern. For spring 2010, flowers are showing up in bunches on adult and children's fashion. Enjoy an Easter bouquet in spring dresses with fresh flowers and colors galore. Whether one prefers soft pastels or bold shades, embrace the colors of spring in elegant Easter dresses.

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