Flower Girl Dresses: Dressing Up for a Beach Wedding


Dressing Up For a Beach Wedding For a Flower Girl

An ever-increasing number of couples are choosing to celebrate their love with a beach wedding. After all, what’s not to love about a beach wedding! The soft breezes, gentle waves, and glorious sunshine help to create the perfect romantic setting.

Beach weddings can be as unique as the happy couple. Always beautiful, beach weddings can be informal or formal depending on individual preferences. When it comes to dressing for a beach wedding, the top priority must be comfort and suitability for the occasion. This is especially important for the flower girls.

Flower girl dresses must always be comfortable for a young girl to walk in with ease. For beach weddings, dress length must be a top consideration. Flower girl dresses cannot be dragging through the sand. Tea length is a suitable length for beach flower girl dresses.

In addition, the dresses for beach weddings must suit the location. Most people associate beach weddings with warm temperatures and endless sunshine. Yet in reality, there is often a cool sea breeze on the beach. Beach flower girl dresses can be in cool fabrics such as organza or chiffon but it might be wise to have a wrap handy for that ocean breeze.

When it comes to the flower girl dress for a beach wedding, the sky is the limit. Beach flower girl dresses can be as casual as the ordinary sundress. In fact, if a bride wants to make the point that her wedding is going to be a fun event, she can have the flower girl wear a bold print (flowers or beach-themed) and have her sprinkle wild flowers from a brightly-colored beach bucket. Flowers (flowery prints, flowers in the hair) are always a popular theme for beach weddings. The colors in the flower girl’s sundress can coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses.

On the other hand, the bride might want her flower girl to wear a soft blue all over laced dress and sprinkle light blue rose petals. At a beach wedding, surrounded by nature’s beauty, every charming flower girl looks beautiful and suitably dressed for the occasion. An interesting element of this year’s flower girl dresses is that causal and formal elements can be found in one style.

For example, a white/lilac embroidered cotton dress with a poly silk waistband combines cotton and silk in a graceful style. A pink metallic gingham poly-cotton sundress makes a perfect flower girl dress or a cool summer dress for any special occasion. Nothing says beach wedding better than an organza halter top dress. With a layered skirt and lots of shimmer, every flower girl will be a beach beauty in this flower girl dress.

Beautiful colors look even more vibrant in the summer sunshine. Beach flower girl dresses can fit the ocean theme and be in beautiful blues and fresh aquas or soft corals. Yet a beach wedding can be a great time to bring in a bit of bold color. Maybe that organza halter top dress could be in bright orange – a fresh color from nature’s bounty. A dazzling yellow 3-tier chiffon sequence dress will match the summer sunshine.

Adding accessories for a beach wedding can include everything from a seashell hair clip to an ivory hair wreath to a pink organza bow. The flower girl’s shoes must be suitable for walking in the sand. Flower girls can choose from sensational sandal styles (including pretty pink flip flops) for a beach wedding.

Whatever color or style they wear, flower girls always look beautiful at a beach wedding.

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