The New Wedding Fashion: Flower Girl Tutus


The New Wedding Fashion: Flower Girl Tutus

Flower girl tutus are taking the wedding fashion industry by storm. Pretty princess-style tutus are adding excitement, color, and fantasy to summer weddings. Flower girls, brides, and wedding guests are falling in love with this latest trend.

It is not surprising that tutus are replacing traditional flower girl dresses in more and more weddings. Even on the practical side, cool tutus are a perfect choice for hot summer weather. As well, flower girl tutus are available in varied styles, several colors, and at affordable prices.

Terrific tutus, tutu skirts, and pretty pettiskirts are now more popular than ever before in the history of fashion. Today’s brides are charmed with the design because it lends a unique style to their wedding. Tutus make a trendy fashion statement but they still have a classic elegance and timeless beauty.

These gorgeous creations will not end up just being stored in a closet. Every little girl will want to wear her tutu over and over again – for birthdays and afternoon tea parties, as well as other special occasions, or even just some ‘twirling’ times.

Nothing is as special for a little girl as to act, feel, and look like a beautiful ballerina or the most regal of princesses. Flower girl tutus reflect charm and beauty in royal style. Layers of joyful, soft, floating chiffon will delight any flower girl.

Tutus are created with layers of swirling fabrics and adorable details. A pink rose petal tutu skirt with a satin ribbon bow has layers of luxurious, petal-filled tullePurple and pink laser dot tutu skirts will have shimmering dots throughout as well as soft layers of tulle.

hot pink dotted pettiskirt steps it up a little and adds a splash of vibrant color. Actually, tutus give brides a perfect opportunity to introduce bright and bold color into their special day. Flower girl tutus can be chosen in a solid color to match the bridesmaid dresses.

As well, brides can choose a rainbow tutu and pick up more than one shade in the color scheme. Flower girls tutus can also be in pure white or soft white with a splendid sash to match the rest of the bridal party. Flower girl tutus can be pretty and pastel but they can also be in sizzling shades.

Choose a lime green and hot pink pettiskirt and enjoy a burst of color. The ruffles go on forever and have a life of their own. A hot pink and orange pettiskirt with a lovely ribbon at the waist will be adorable for an autumn wedding. Tutus are not limited to any particular season. In fact, holiday tutus are a hot seller with today’s fashion-conscious shoppers.

Amazing accessories can add even more glamour and style to flower girl tutus. Sparkling tiaras, satin slippers, and cute leotards work together to create a terrific look.

Weddings are about love and wedding fashion is about style. Flower girl tutus and weddings – a perfect combo - true love and unforgettable style!

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