Flower Girls Instead of Bridesmaids?

This can be a difficult question to answer. It may be cheaper to have only flower girls and no bridesmaids, but there are things that bridesmaids can help with that flower girls may not be able to. Flower girls are very cute and beautiful, but they are mostly kids. Bridesmaids are also very beautiful and they are always grownups.

If you choose to have only only flower girls, you can run in to many problems because kids can only help you in so many areas, whereas bridesmaids can help with everything. Having only flower girls can be a little hard on both you and the girls because you end up having to solve all of your problems on your own. They can still help with things like decorations, but they can not help with things like picking out your dress.

It is completely up to you on what you decide. If you do choose to have only flower girls, maybe you will have some girlfriends helping you with things that the flower girls are unable to. If they do, then remember to thank them publicly and at least get them a small gift to show your appreciation. If you have both, you still want to make sure that you thank everyone. Just keep in mind the age difference between flower girls and bridesmaids and their abilities because there are many pros and cons to both sides.


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