5 Easy Steps To Getting Your Flower Girl Ready


5 Easy Steps To Getting Your Flower Girl Ready

Being a flower girl is often an once-in-a-lifetime experience for a young girl. It should be a fabulous time in her life. As a member of the wedding party, the flower girl shares in the glamor and glory of the celebration. This special occasion will become a lasting memory. By following a few simple steps, every bride can be certain that her flower girl has only pleasant and memorable moments. A happy flower girl ensures an enjoyable wedding experience for everyone.

5 Fool-Proof Tips

1. Safety And Comfort Must Be A Priority

Flower girl dresses and shoes must be comfortable and safe to wear during the wedding. Nobody wants a flower girl to trip or have difficulty navigating stairs. Tea length dresses are recommended for younger flower girls. Longer skirts may cause girls to stumble or even fall on steps.

Avoid fabrics which may cause itch or irritation to tender skin. Soft, silky fabrics work best for flower girl dresses. A lovely liner adds an extra layer of comfort. A flower girl needs to be able to move freely in her dress. Her whole outfit - dresses, shoes, accessories - must be age appropriate.

Poor-fitting shoes can lead to bad moods - as well as cause discomfort and even harm to small feet. Many girls formal shoes have a slight heel. Any shoes with heels are better used by older flower girls (age 6-8). The flower girls should always try the shoes prior to the wedding. They need to determine if they can walk comfortably in them.

2. Involve Your Flower Girl

Flower girls should be included in any appropriate wedding-related events. They need to be present, of course, for dress measurements and other such practical matters. It will feel extra special, however, if the flower girl plays an active part in shopping for the dress, shoes, and accessories.

Sometimes the dress has been pre-selected for the flower girl. She can, however, still browse through catalogues, colors, and designs. It will help her get a special feel for the special day. It's also a good idea to allow the flower girl to wear the dress before the big day - if only for a few minutes. It will give her a glimpse into the glamour and beauty surrounding a flower girl.

Flower girls, accompanied by a parent, can also attend other suitable events. Often bridal showers or celebration lunches can be attended by the flower girl. They must attend rehearsals. If a flower girl knows what to expect, they will feel much more comfortable on the special day.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Flower girls are young children with a short attention span. A long practice period or an overzealous pursuit of perfection is not an appropriate approach to take with flower girls. Yet brief periods of practice are a must.

A single rehearsal on the night before the wedding doesn't give a flower girl much preparation. A few short sessions - helping them to get familiar with the routine and the setting - is a smart solution. Flower girls are not expected at rehearsal dinners. These occasions usually run late into the night and are past childrens' bedtime.

4. Don't Have Unrealistic Expectations

Flower girls can have perfect rehearsals and still get really nervous in the moment. Vice versa, flower girls may not handle rehearsals well yet give a brilliant performance on the big day. Adults need to look at being a flower girl from a child's perspective.

Large crowds, unfamiliar routines, and strange surroundings can be disconcerting to some children. Flexibility must go hand in hand with the flower girl experience. A wise and common practice is to assign a bridesmaid to assist the flower girl.

Young children can be unpredictable in their behavior. This spontanaiety is always welcomed by wedding guests. A bride and wedding party - as well as the parents of the flower girl - should adopt a similar carefree attitude. Don't obsess over small details. Be patient!

Weddings are really about love and life - not about lists and lectures.The wedding or the world won't end if a bridesmaid has to accompany the flower girl. The flower girl should always know the seating arrangements for her parents. This knowledge will help her feel more relaxed and confident in her role.

5. Make Your Flower Girl Feel Special

The flower girl dress is pretty special itself - especially when seen through the eyes of a child. Make their eyes shine as bright as possible at your wedding!  Show your appreciation with sparkling age appropriate jewelry gifts for your flower girl.

Wedding books are also fantastic choices for flower girls. A variety of childrens' books focus on stories about the flower girl experience. The selections are generally targeted towards younger children. They often tell their wedding stories with the help of a popular cartoon character. These books provide excellent preparation for the role of flower girl.

Let your flower girl indulge in some of the perks of the job. Special hairstyles can provide their crowing glory. With their youth and natural beauty, flower girls don't need extra makeup. They can, however, attend a beauty session with the wedding party. A spritz of perfume or a little lip gloss will give them that "grown-up" feeling.

Goodie bags - filled with nutritious treats, crayons, paper, water, and small travel games -  are also a special touch. Avoid chocolate and candy - both for the inevitable sugar rush as well as the possibility of stains. It is always best to take photos of flower girls as early as possible into the celebration. There is less chance that their outfits will be in a soiled, torn or wrinkled state. Flower girls won't be tired towards the beginning of the event. It will be much easier to capture that perfect smile.

Every bride and every flower girl dream of the perfect day. Nobody, however, can predict the unpredictable nature and fresh spontaneity of young children. Yet that is part of the appeal of flower girls. If a flower girl feels safe and confident, involved and special, they will have a fabulous time. And everyone else will enjoy the experience!

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