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How to Choose Flower Girl Jewelry

How to Choose Flower Girl Jewelry

Flower girl jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch to the flower girl attire. Simple, classic jewelry is the most popular choice for flower girls. Since the dresses are often simple in neckline and silhouette, classic pieces are a charming accessory.

Yet flower girl jewelry can also delight in a very formal style or a casual design. The jewelry should always match the theme of the wedding. A multi-color bracelet or a delicate, pink butterfly pendant can be perfect for a beach or garden wedding. A Celtic necklace will look intriguing at an Irish wedding. Crystal and pearls would be the correct choice for a very formal wedding.

The flower girl doesn't have to wear as fancy or formal jewelry as the bride. Even if the flower girl is dressed as a miniature bride, she must still wear an age-appropriate choice. Sometimes the bride makes the selection as a gift for the flower girl. Indeed, the bride may choose a miniature copy of her jewelry. Often she will give similar pieces to the bridesmaids and the flower girl.

If parents choose for the flower girl then they should consult with the bride. Ask about her preference for flower girl jewelry. If the bride doesn't suggest any specifics, then inquire about her jewelry. Choosing a matching style for the bride and flower girl can create a memorable look.

If the bride is wearing diamonds, the flower girl could wear rhinestone stud earrings and a matching rhinestone pendant. Rhinestone jewelry sets can also be purchased with a matching tiara. If the girl is younger than 10 years of age, she can wear pearl stud earrings and a simple pearl pendant. An ivory pearled earrings and necklace set suits a silk or heirloom dress. An older flower girl can always wear more elaborate jewelry.

Austrian and Swarvoski crystals, a colorful choice, are available at reasonable prices. More brides are introducing a little color into their bridal party jewelry - often to match the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. Swarvoski crystal has a refractive index approaching that of diamonds. A greater proportion of the light entering this crystal is reflected off the inner surfaces rather than passing through it. Thus, Swarvoski crystals have a higher degree of sparkle than other forms of glass crystal.

Swarvoski crystals and rhinestones set up a perfect combination in a bracelet and earring set. A burgundy rhinestone/Swarvoski crystal earrings and necklace set will look beautiful at an autumn wedding. These sets can be purchased in splendid colors such as terrific turquoise, fabulous fuchsia, beautiful blue, or pretty pink.

A flower girl will look extra pretty with the elegant touch of exquisite jewelry. Flower girl jewelry must always be a suitable match for the girl and the occasion. The selection should complement the formal attire but it should never overpower the style. Fashionable jewelry adds an extra special touch. Yet the focus should be on the flower girl; it's her special day.

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