How to Choose the Right Flower Girl Dress Color


How to Choose the Right Flower Girl Dress ColorYoung flower girls love dresses in bold crayon colors. At their age, a bright loud fashion statement is viewed favorably by everyone. The vibrant color makes their beauty, charm, and magic even more noticeable to your wedding guests.

Yet the perfect flower girl dress color isn't limited to the eight basic colors of your childhood crayon package. Hundreds of shades and variations of colors have now been drawn into this fashion picture. Don't be afraid to think outside of that crayon box!

Try a sparkling "champagne" creation. "Wild berry" hues can dish out delicious color for you. Even a "denim" color can be a casual choice for the informal wedding.

Despite the countless available colors, white continues to be the most popular shade for flower girl dresses. Soft pink follows closely behind satiny white as a top choice. The flower girl dress often mirrors the bride's dress in traditional and formal weddings.

This practice accounts for the overwhelming popularity of white. In Hispanic wedding tradition, the flower girl is always dressed in mini-bride fashion. Yet even the bride's dress can have a touch of color in a non-traditional wedding.

Colored embroidery or ribbon can run through the threads of a bridal gown. The bride may wish the flower girl dress to reflect the extra color in her gown. If the wedding color scheme is using two primary colors, one of the shades often shows up in the flower girl dress.

The bride may choose the same colors for the bridesmaid and the flower girl dresses. Variations of the same color can also be used for both types of dresses. An almost endless variety of shades exist for each color.

The color purple can come in lilac, iris, or periwinkle. Orange looks refreshing in mango, tangerine, or coral. Beautiful blue can look cool in ocean blue or be more dramatic in indigo or navy. Green gowns look great in apple green, lime, or sage green.

Introduce a touch of blue for the traditional "something blue" in your wedding. For beach weddings, an adorable aqua fits the seaside atmosphere. This lovely blue-green can be used alone or as part of a floral pattern.

Floral patterns look great on flower girls. They play a part in formal and informal fashion. A flowing sun dress in a floral pattern is stylish for a beach wedding. A satin fitted bodice can meet a full flowery skirt for a more formal wedding.

Shades of green are perfect for garden weddings. Emerald green - as well as jewel red, shimmery silver, and spun gold - is popular for holiday weddings. Rich jewel tones ring in evening weddings with style. Popular pumpkin and deep burgundy can warm up autumn evenings.

Ball gown styles billow in pretty pastels. The light airiness of pastels and the flowing fabrics have that "princess" feel.  Beautiful gowns in pale pink or pretty peach add magic to any wedding party. Best of all, the flower girls will feel like little princesses.

Extra touches of fantasy are always found in the matching accessories. Satin glovestaffeta bolero jackets, and satin capes extend the magic. Flower girls are a vision from their hair wreaths right down to the tip of their formal shoes.

Your flower girl can also have just a splash of color as she walks down the aisle. Our "Create Your Dress" allows you to create an unique flower girl dress. Just select your favorite color and style of dress and add a stunning sash.

chocolate flower girl dress with a burnt orange sash is a dramatic and brilliant style. A tea length pink gown with a champagne sash is pure elegance.  A soft ivory dress with a bold black sash provides stunning contrast.

In ever increasing numbers, some brides are choosing a "black and white" wedding. As predicted in a recent press release, black is "in" for flower girl dresses. Our black flower girl dress - a flocked organza over taffeta - continues to be a customer favorite. has black and white polka dot and flocked patterns - perfect for a "black and white" wedding.

Dramatic black possesses an ever popular slimming effect. With skillful use, cool colors - blue, violet, and green - can also give a similar illusion. Dull colors slim while bright colors give the opposite result. A-line dresses flatter every body type. This "A plus" style is available in amazing colors.

Our choice of color is greatly influenced by our association with that shade. Individuals react to colors based on their memories and experiences. The symbolism of colors differs between cultures. The following North American chart can help you choose a color which best suits your wedding.

Yellow and green - the color of sunshine and grass - are natural choices for outdoor weddings. Regal purple and luxurious gold create royal weddings. White and pink are whispers of pure romance.

Symbolism OColors
. Blue - calming, refreshes and soothes the senses, promotes tranquility, symbolic of the sky
. Brown - harmony, stability, an earth color
. Gray - neutral color, popular design color
. Green - growth, life, prosperity, freshness, easy on the eye, harmonious with nature, a favorite of all ages
. Gold - kings and queens, whispers of wealth, prestige, and high quality
. Orange - health, harvest, happiness, earth, a mix of energetic red and joyful yellow, favored by the young
. Purple - royalty and spirituality, purple dye - used to be expensive - reserved for royalty, luxury and power
. Red - strength, symbolizes strong passionate love, heat, energy
. Pink - traditional color for girls, feminine, delicate color that symbolizes romantic love
. Yellow - cheerful color symbolizing sunshine and divinity, warm, an earth color
. Black - elegance, formality, mystery
. White - purity, fresh, clean

If you simply can't decide on one color, then maybe you'd like to have a "rainbow" wedding. Using a "rainbow" color scheme, your flower girl dress can be any color of the rainbow. The dress will still fit beautifully in the multi-colored theme. Of course, you can always choose the "pink princessstyle for your wedding!

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