How to Create Your Custom Flower Girl Dress


How to Create Your Custom Flower Girl Dress

Custom flower girl dresses offer couture style at an affordable price. Using adorable sashes and floral accents, every flower girl can enjoy individual style and customized fashion. With Pink Princess “Create Your Dress,” anyone can create a custom flower girl dress in four easy steps.

How To “Create Your Dress”
1. Choose the perfect style.
2. Choose the perfect colors.
3. Select a sensational sash.
4. Create a custom look.

One should never underestimate the power of the perfect sash. This flowing fabric can bring a splash of color or an extra touch of luxury to an outfit. Soft sashes will draw attention to exquisite detailing on the front of a dress. Sashes can also add surprising style down the back of a gown.

“Create Your Dress” opens up a world of possibilities and an array of endless color for any wedding party. Flower girl sashes can match the bridesmaid dresses or even the bride’s dress in brilliant white or luxurious ivory. By dressing flower girls in matching gowns with sashes in varied shades, brides can introduce a rainbow of colors into their magical day. Splendid sashes can match the color of a dress or they can be in a contrasting shade. Wearing a splash of brilliant color, tiny flower girls make a powerful fashion statement.

Pretty sashes can be used to create custom flower girl dresses in any style. Sashes can brighten up sleek, contemporary fashions or their fine fabrics can add even more elegance to an elaborate design. Adding detachable flowers will lend distinct style and definite color to any custom flower girl dress.

sleeveless taffeta tea length dress is transformed into a custom creation with a delicious chocolate or refreshing apple green sash. Formal length A-line gathered gowns look amazing with lovely lilac sashes falling down the back of the dresses. matte satin v-neck dress with a ruche bodice, removable flower, and royal blue sash is the perfect match for any little princess.

Custom flower girl dresses serve up dramatic style. A brilliant white bubble pick-up flower girl dress gets a burst of color with a vibrant purple sash. A blossom pink taffeta gown takes on a brighter look with a fuchsia sash. Burnt orange dresses with sage sashes will liven up any event.

Creating a custom flower girl dress is a fashionable choice for modern weddings. Offering versatile fashion, as well as flexibility and individuality in contemporary style, custom flower dresses are popular with today’s brides. With the purchase of extra sashes and detachable flowers, customers can take ‘Create Your Dress’ to the next level and create custom dresses for future special occasions.

It is so easy to “Create Your Dress!”

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