Classic Style Junior Bridesmaid Dresses


Classic Style Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Junior bridesmaid dresses exhibit classic and elegant style. Whether the dresses are for younger junior bridesmaids (age 6-9) or older girls (age 10-14), they should possess a quiet elegance and classic beauty. With the pretty 'princess' look or a sleek A-line style (or both), today's junior bridesmaid dresses combine overall style and fashionable design.

The A-line dress never goes out of fashion because it has a fresh look and flatters any figure. A-lines drape over the body in soft and flowing lines. A sleeveless bodice adds a youthful look to a classic style. A banana satin A-line sleeveless dress, with a flower at the waist and a tie-back sash, is a refreshing and modern take on a timeless fashion.

Of course, black is the epitome of classic fashion and beautiful black is showing up more and more in the wedding party. Sometimes modern bridesmaids make a powerful fashion statement in magical black. Often junior bridesmaid dresses wear the same color as the bridesmaid dresses but they do not have to be in the same shade. Junior bridesmaid dresses, however, should follow the same style as the bridesmaid dress.

Black can look beautiful in an organza bubble dress with stone jewels on its bodice. A black dress with a bubble hemline and beaded detail on the shoulder straps is a picture of perfection. Black does not mean 'boring' style. Junior bridesmaid dresses can be in dramatic black and still reflect any other color scheme in the wedding party. Pair a black dress with a fuchsia, burnt orange, or red sash and pack quite a punch of fashion and a splash of color into one classic outfit.

Many delightful junior bridesmaid dresses are created from cool organza. A pink organza A-Line dress with an elegant shawl and a rhinestone-adorned bodice is an organza dream that creates visions of Hollywood glamour. The sophisticated drape of the matching shawl and the splendid abundance of the full-length skirt is reminiscent of classic Hollywood in the era of glamour and glitz. Go more vivid with this vintage look and wear a regal burgundy organza gown.

Achieve the heights of vibrant color in a red matte satin A-Line and satin shawl. Bold shades can work well in a classic style. A fuchsia A-line bubble short dress with necklace detail showcases bright color and glamorous style. A white and fuchsia bubble taffeta dress is a terrific look.

Pastel sashes at the waist always look wonderful on a junior bridesmaid. Soft pink, lovely lilac, and soft blue are popular colors for junior bridesmaid dresses. Pure white is as classic as it gets and delicate ivory is pure elegance.

The junior bridesmaid plays a significant role in the wedding celebrations. The dress should reflect her importance as a member of the bridal party. The junior bridesmaid dress should be age-appropriate but the final choice deserves serious attention, and, ultimately, classic style.

The Role of the Junior Bridesmaid*
Show up to all shopping and fitting appointments (and she should have her say).
Attend the bridal shower and help with tasks including setting up and making favors.
Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
. Help the ushers to seat guests.
Hand out programs before the ceremony.
Walk in the procession and stay with the bridesmaids.
Stand in the receiving line.
Hand out confetti, rice, or bubbles.

May vary slightly according to the bride's wishes

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