Fun Layers of Style for Girl's Graduation Dresses


Fun Layers of Style for Girl's Graduation Dresses

Layered styles look perfect and are totally appropriate for kids' graduation dresses. Luscious layers of soft, flowing fabrics embody luxurious beauty and superb style and mirror a young girl’s vision of the perfect dress. Whether tea length or formal length, organza layers or tiers of chiffon; stylish layers are synonymous with special occasion fashions.

Soft layered dresses are perfect for events such as kids’ graduations – whether preschool, kindergarten, or fifth grade. The light fabrics ensure comfort on warm days, in overheated rooms, or for lengthy ceremonies. Comfort should always be a priority – especially for preschool or kindergarten children who cannot be expected to maintain their composure or good mood in uncomfortable clothes.

A comfortable length is always a must. Young children must be able to move safely in their dresses. Girls must be also comfortable with the style of their graduation dresses. It is easy for any young girl – in preschool, primary, or elementary grades – to feel good in a layered style. There is a layered dress to suit every age and every girl’s favorite style.

The layered bubble skirt is popular with today’s girls. Soft taffeta is one of the preferred fabrics for a layered style. Bubble dresses can be tea length or formal length. The dresses can have a sleeveless bodice or spaghetti-style straps. Even if a school has guidelines in place about kids’ graduation dresses, there is a bubble dress (formal or informal, long or short) to fit any requirement.

Two-layered bubble skirts look special and can be found in glorious shades. Brilliant white bubble layers always make an unforgettable impression. Add an extra splash of color with a pretty sash or lend a touch of elegance with a beautiful flower.

Choose vibrant color combinations such as a pure white dress with a turquoise, fuchsia, or red sash. Match ivory and chocolate or ivory and champagne for a smashing dress/sash combo. Accessorize kids’ graduation dresses with dainty French hair clips, elaborate head bands, pretty shawls, and cool patent leather shoes.

Nothing says ‘special’ more than kids’ graduation dresses with layers and layers of flowing organza. Pretty enough for graduation, classy enough for a wedding, and fit for a princess! A sleeveless, full-length organza dress with a tie-back sash and beautiful rosebud at the waist, is the dress of every girl’s dreams. Lovely lime and gentle turquoise are soft, sweet shades which bring out the best in spring fashions.

For a totally chic look for the modern graduate, choose a delicately stitched dress with three layers of soft chiffon. Fresh and graceful, this 3-tier chiffon sequence dress will look just right at a spring graduation. With a sequence embroidered shoulder neckline and layered chiffon all around, this graduation dress has a contemporary look but all the elements of classic style. This layered fashion looks fabulous in shades of off-white, yellow, or turquoise.

Sometimes a dress may not be exactly a layered style (such as a bubble dress or 3-tier) but it can still show a hint of that layered look. Often, styles have a crinoline layer attached to the dress and this helps give that full appearance. Crinolines can be used under different types of dresses from a rosebud shimmering gown to a satin pick up dress.

Layered styles are meant to create a ‘princess-like’ feeling. Young girls love the way the fabric flows as they walk and, therefore, layered fashions are popular for graduations. In addition, the soft fabrics are light and they feel comfortable and fit well under graduation gowns. Every girl remembers her prom dress. Yet with today’s styles for kids’ graduation dresses, her prom dress will have much to live up to in the future. This kids’ graduation dress just might be her best dress – ever!

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