Top 10 Best Flower Girl Gifts


Top 10 Best Flower Girl Gifts

Every bride wants to find the perfect gift for her charming flower girl. A sign of appreciation for a flower girl should bring a smile to a young girl's face. The flower girl, after all, makes wedding guests smile throughout the celebrations.

A bride should choose a present which will delight a child. If you know a girl's preferences, it is easier to make a selection. Lovely girls jewelry and personalized mementos are often given as gifts. These items are incredible choices but are often not for immediate use. Such presents are sometimes brought out only on special occasions or even kept for use in the teenage or adult years.

Little girls really appreciate "little girl" presents. Even if a bride decides to purchase a bracelet or chain, she should also make a selection(s) suited for the "little girl" of today. What do little girls like best?  Certain special gifts continue to make the "favorite" list with flower girls.

Top 10 Best Flower Girl Gifts

1.The Flower Girl Book<

This gift should be a pre-wedding present as it prepares the girl for her role. Childrens' books always make beautiful gifts for little ones. This book is a brilliant choice as it sheds light on the meaning of being a flower girl.Children love the rhyming patterns in this story. The delicate watercolors capture the special moments of the day. "The Flower Girl Book" is "the" book which every flower girl should read before the wedding day.

2. Rosie the Flower Bear

Young flower girls dream of having "Rosie the Flower Bear" by their side. Rosie has a floral veil and carries a bouquet of flowers. Flower girls even receive a "Letter From Rosie." Rosie comes with an adorable red sweater with a white heart in its center. "Rosie the Flower Bear" truly warms the heart of every flower girl. Rosie has become as much a part of being a flower girl as the rose petals. Soft and cuddly, "Rosie the Flower Bear" is a special friend to every flower girl.

3. "In Charge of the Petals" Tee

This style suits every flower girl to a tee. "In Charge of the Petals" can be worn by flower girls before or after the wedding. This terrific tee tells the world how special it is to be a flower girl."In Charge of the Petals" lets everyone know who's looking after the flower basket. This two-tone pink tee even comes with a clear handbag - complete with petals!  It makes a perfect gift for every flower girl who is in charge of the petals.

4."Flower Girl" Tee

Flower girls love clothing with the "flower girl" insignia. Brides often give similar tees to their bridesmaids. Flower girls like to fit in with the grown-up girls.The "Flower Girl" tees have adorable ruffled edges and heavenly style. They look divine in dazzling shades of hot pink, blue, and lime green. The bright colors complement the sparkling rhinestones adorning the "Flower Girl" design.

5. Flower Girl Bag

A pink princess deserves a royal bag in pretty pink. This velour tote, embellished with mini crystals, and boasting a matte satin interior can hold a little girl's dreams.This beautiful bag is emblazoned with the girl's special title - "Flower Girl." Every little girl will feel like a princess carrying this gift. Such adorable fashion belongs on the arm of every flower girl.

6. Flower Girl Hoodie

The "Flower Girl Hoodie" gives little girls a warm and special feeling. It puts the spotlight on their special role. The "Flower Girl Hoodie" isn't any ordinary hoodie. The embroidery is adorned with mini crystals. The "Flower Girl Hoodie" is a pretty and practical flower girl gift. It can be worn pre-wedding, post-wedding, and even on certain occasions during the big day.


PRINCESS-OPOLY is an enchanting experience for every little princess. This charming game plays on the dream of being a princess - but with a modern touch. It celebrates strong girls with big personalities - and even bigger dreams.Children love games and PRINCESS-OPOLY celebrates their imagination. After spreading pretty petals for the lovely bride in real life, it's time for a flower girl to collect a few "princess" friends. Suitable for children ages 5-8, PRINCESS-OPOLY is a perfect playtime activity.

8. Melissa & Doug - Princess Elise Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Today's flower girl fulfills her traditional role in modern style. The "Melissa & Doug - Princess Elise Magnetic Dress-Up Set" combines an ageless look with modern touches. Princess Elise, a lovely wooden doll, is just waiting for another little princess. Together, they can have lots of dress-up fun.Princess Elise's wardrobe consists of 24 magnetic pieces. This dress-up set - doll, stand, and wardrobe - will delight any flower girl. Little princesses always love to dress up in their finery.

9. Melissa & Doug - Decorate-Your-Own Princess Mirror

Every little princess needs an unique royal mirror. In order to ensure a perfect reflection, a little girl should create her own special mirror. The "Melissa & Doug - Decorate-Your-Own Princess Mirror" gives the little ones the opportunity to express their creativity.Little girls can transform a plain wooden mirror into a mirror fit for a princess. Sparkling gems and superb stickers make the difference. This kit includes everything needed for an afternoon of fun for a flower girl and her friends.

10. Melissa & Doug - Fairy Tale Castle/Castle Princess Floor Puzzles

Two fairy tale floor puzzles make a pretty present! The "castle" puzzle lets a little princess organize her castle - piece by piece. The fairy tale "castle princess" puzzle sets up an enchanting scene. The princess rides her unicorn while butterflies flutter around the castle. The extra-thick puzzle pieces are perfect for little hands. "Melissa & Doug Fairy Tale Castle/Castle Princess Floor Puzzles" can be the solution when searching for a wonderful flower girl gift. These floor puzzles are filled with fantasy and wonder. A flower girl gift should show a little girl that she's extra special to you. She is a "special princess!" Through her flower girl experience, she gets to live her dream of being a "pink princess." The perfect flower girl gift creates yet another special memory of these enchanting moments.

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