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What Is Communion?

A child’s first communion is an important part of their spiritual upbringing. Communion is a commemoration of Jesus’ Last Supper, at which he gave his disciples bread and wine, which symbolize his body and blood.

The path to receiving your first communion requires several steps. You must be baptized, undergo several years of religious instruction, and have a confirmation, in which you confirm your faith. From then on, you can take part in communion, which is meant to serve as a reminder of your connection to Christ. However, the order of the events leading up to one’s first communion differs among religions.

Knowing all of this, it’s easy to see why one’s first communion is such an important event, especially for Catholic families. The day is usually filled with family, friends, and celebration, and, of course, an outfit that will live on in pictures and memories of that special day. For girls, it is usually a white dress of modest appearance, and it might include a veil or other accoutrements. For boys, it may be a suit and tie.

Communion is at the very foundation of Christian life, so much so that some believe Christ literally becomes part of you through communion. See the infographic below for more information on what communion is, and why it is so important to some.

What Is Communion?

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