White is White, Right?


White is White, Right?

White can be right for you but every shade of white isn't right for everyone. There are hundreds of shades of white. Certain whites can be more complimentary to one skin tone than another. Not every combination in the 'white' spectrum will work well together.

The manner in which any fabric - natural, blend, or synthetic - reflects or absorbs light depends on its fiber content. A fabric's fiber can cause a considerable difference in the appearance of white. Silk white, which is never a brilliant white, is naturally made by silkworms and owes its shade to its origin.

With brilliant white at one end of the spectrum and cream at the other, in between, there are numerous shades and variations of each white. Everyone can find their perfect 'white' among the eight most popular shades. When you recognize the shades of white and know which one works for your skin tone, you can always choose the best 'white' for you.

8 Most Popular Shades Of White

1. Brilliant White
Brilliant white is a bright, crisp white. It looks great with dark skin. Brilliant white is found in many fabrics including cotton and polyester. Since brilliant white looks stunning in sunlight, this shade is perfect for a beach wedding. A brilliant white wedding dress will really stand out if the bridesmaids and flower girl are in bold colors.

2. Diamond White
Diamond white is a light off-white. 80% of the population looks divine in a soft, diamond white. This soft shade is nearly indistinguishable from brilliant white in photos. When in doubt, choose diamond white!

3. Champagne
Champagne is a white with pink undertones. Champagne can look very white in photos. A champagne flower girl dress with Easter embroidered taffeta is elegant for a wedding or for Easter celebrations.

4. Off-white
Off-white always goes well with ivories. Ivory and champagne make a charming pair. An ivory/champagne chic A-line flower girl dress looks perfect on a little princess.

5. Candlelight
Candlelight is a very light, creamy shade of white. If the bridesmaids and flower girl are wearing soft pastel colors, a 'candlelight' wedding dress is a good choice for a glowing bride.

6. Silk white
Silk white looks great with many complexions.  Being off-white, this shade can not blend with bright whites.

7. Ivory
Ivory dresses may have yellow undertones which will give them a cream shade. Some 'ivories' are simply a 'quiet' white. A precious ivory embroidered bodice taffeta dress is perfect for a pretty flower girl.

8. Cream
Cream is at the opposite end, from brilliant white, on the 'white' spectrum. A creamy white flower girl dress with a hint of yellow is just right for an autumn wedding.


How To Choose The Most Complimentary 'White' For Your Skin Tone

    • Bright Is Cool
      Cool tone complexions always look their best in brilliant white.


    • The Warmth Of Off-White
      Warm complexions look superb in off-white, ivory, candlelight (very light cream), or cream. Silk always suits a warm complexion.


    • Fair vs. Brilliant
      Being fair and brilliant may be a great match in a personality. Yet brilliant white and a fair complexion are definitely not a match! Brilliant white washes out fair complexions. A warm shade of white, with a touch of yellow, can add a glow to very fair skin.


    • Creamy Pink
      If you have medium skin with pink undertones, then you should choose creamy colors. Their rich yellow undertones will keep you from looking flushed and will suit your complexion.


    • Diamonds and Champagne
      If you have medium skin with yellow undertones, then diamond white or champagne will work for you.


  • Lucky You
    If your skin is dark, lucky you! Most shades of white will look fantastic on you. If you have yellow or olive undertones, then avoid yellow-ivory dresses. Brilliant white or champagne suits these skin tones.


How To Pick The Right 'White' Combination

    • Choose A Perfect Match
      Hopefully, every bride will choose the perfect mate and the perfect match for the bridal party. Shades of white should be similar throughout the bridal party. Don't mix brilliant whites with off-white, ivory, or cream.


    • Choose Matching Accessories
      Whether for a wedding, christening, or First Communion, any white accessories must match the shade of white in the dress. Carefully match the shades in headpieces, gloves, shawls, and boleros. Don't choose brilliant white shoes with a silk white dress. Choosing a brilliant white headpiece for a heirloom Communion dress will be a mismatch. Since colors fade over time, the heirloom 'white' will not match a brilliant white. It is possible, however, to find a match for a heirloom 'white' if you search through 'off-white' or ivory pieces.


    • Never Mix 'Silk White' And'''Brilliant White'
      Silk white should never be mixed in a bridal party with brilliant white. Silk white will always be an 'off-white' even if referred to as dyed white. If the bride wears silk white and the flower girl dress is brilliant white, the result will not be 'picture perfect' fashion. The bride's dress will look dull and dingy next to the flower girl dress. An off-white or ivory flower girl dress works well if the bride has a silk white dress.


  • Know Your Satin
    Satin can be made of various fabrics - such as rayon - or even silk. Choose wisely!


Classic Shades Of White

White is a timeless and traditional shade. A classic white can be used in any season and for almost every occasion.  For weddings, extend the use of white to shoes, flowers, and even a wedding suit for leaving on your honeymoon.  White satin shoes can add a special  touch of luxury. 

A white suit in real linen is a classic summer wedding suit. White flowers come in hundreds of hues including candlelight, ivory, and cream. Savor the spectacular shades of white and discover the perfect white for your skin tone.

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