Boys' Formal Wear

Your little girl is all ready to go for that next formal event, with a pretty dress picked out and a big smile on her face, but what about your son? We're glad you asked.

Whether you're looking for tuxedos, suits, vests, Easter outfits, or almost anything else, we have just the thing for your little man. There's a wedding and your son is the ring bearer? We have the perfect suit. Looking for a few etons and shorts sets? We have a wide variety of those as well. Does your son look adorable in a formal hat? We know how difficult it can be to find the right one, so we have a wide selection just for you.

No little Prince is all dressed up without the proper footwear, right? Never fear, we have just what you need. We carry formal shoes to go with any outfit, from tuxedos for a glamorous wedding to church outfits for Easter Sunday. You name it, we have it!

For something slightly less formal than a tuxedo, we have an enormous selection of suits. He'll love the classic five-piece suit, whether he chooses black, dark gray pinstripes, or brown. If an afternoon event is in the works, he'll look positively charming in our always fashionable seersucker.

We will have your little Prince all suited up, whatever the event!

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